Best Auto Transport
How to get a deal...
If you are patient and not in a hurry for your vehicle you can
sometimes get a good deal by putting it on standby with a
company. This will allow them to move your vehicle at a
cheaper rate if you are willing to wait until they are in the
area and need that vehicle to fill their load.

When we did standby we typically would set the terms up
front, we stated the amount we would charge and gave a
deadline for time to move it. 60 days was typical and this
would give us two months to work a schedule to pick up
your vehicle. On our standby jobs we typically quoted $.85
per mile and used it as filler between runs.

This is about the only way to get a good deal with a
legitimate company on transportation services. Using large
carriers will yield a cheaper quote, but you must pickup your
vehicle at a shipping terminal or pay a tow truck to bring it to
your door, and their average time for delivery is 45-60 days.
They basically work on standby, but their charges are about
$0.50 per mile. So they are the cheapest way to go.

It is important to remember that the large carriers move 9 or
10 cars at a time, each at $0.50 per mile, so they are making
more on each run than the smaller companies even at the
lesser rate. So the smaller companies are used more for
quick deliveries or for their personal service.

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