Best Auto Transport
How Much will it Cost?
When factoring what you should pay for auto transport
there are many variables to take into account. Transporters
have a lot of expenses that are not often thought of when
expecting a quote to move your item. The large companies
can get the best price due to their enormous volume and
how their expenses are spread over many trucks and items

Smaller companies have the same expenses as the large
companies but have less income because they have fewer
trucks. This lessens the expense to a certain degree, but the
income is much less by comparison. To give an example,
below is a snapshot of our typical monthly expenses we had
while providing transport services. In the end, which is the
example used, we were only using one truck and one trailer.

Insurance: $950
Fuel: $2987
Truck Payment $600 (ours was paid for, but we put this
aside as a replacement cost)
Maintenance & repair $300 (this was deposited and used as
needed. We typically spent about $150 on maintenance every
month, the rest was stock piled for a break down)
DOT fees $50 ($600 per Year)
Supplies & food $1200
Total typical expense $6237

With this type of expense, one must move a lot of cars to
make a profit at the end of the month. Our average
transport paid us $800 and we typically would move 4 or 5
cars per week. Our typical gross income from transporting
was $16,000 per month. So we made enough to pay our
selves and cover the expenses. But we turned down many
jobs that people were wanting to pay $0.50 per mile on, the
expenses of operation are almost that much ($0.48 per mile)
on an average month.

When one takes out the cost of insurance there is a lot more
flexibility on the price and this is where customers can get in
to trouble. If a transporter is hauling your vehicle without
insurance and is caught by the DOT moving your vehicle
illegally, not only does his truck get impounded, but your
vehicle/item does as well.

So if your vehicle/item is impounded due to an illegal
transporter you must pay a substantial fee to get it back and
in most cases find another transporter to pick it up and pay
more money. With the DOT cracking down more and more
on illegal transporters it is worth paying more to ensure your
transporter is legal.

Our typical charge was $1.30 per mile for standard vehicles
and $1.50 per mile on tractors and large vehicles. Many
customers paid this with little complaining about the charge.
When fuel is at $3.00 per gallon the cost of doing business
goes up quite a bit, so this is something to keep in mind
when gathering transport quotes.

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