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The Purpose of This Site...
We were a small transport company that operated for about
three years hauling cars and other small items for individuals.
We have learned a great deal about this business and using
our customer service training we were quite successful.  

However, we have quit providing transportation services for a
number of reasons. The main reason and only one that
needs to be mentioned is that we became tired of being away
from our families so much.

So since this site is up and running, and was used to
advertise our services and give customers more information
about us, we decided to use this platform to give people
more information about this industry and things to expect
during the process of moving a vehicle.
What You Can Find Here...
We will provide information on what to ask when speaking
with transporters, what they should provide for you, what
you should expect from them.

Here you can find some areas to look to find good deals on
legitimate transportation companies and how to tell the
difference between  good transporters and those that are
not so good.

If you would like to become a transporter, we have some
information here that can help you become successful and
ensure you do things correctly by the Law.

There is a large picture gallery of many items we moved over
the years so that everyone can get an idea of our experience
level and also so that anyone wanting to become a
transporter can see what all is involved.
Why We Did This...
In our years providing these services we ran across many
unhappy customers from other transporters. They would
contact us because there other transport company took their
deposit and never picked up their vehicle, or they gave a
deposit to a transport broker and never heard from anyone

Customers would mention to us how they were amazed that
we actually picked up and delivered their item in the time
frame we agreed on. This is something that always caught
my attention. It seems that many of these businesses have
forgotten how to under promise and over deliver.

We want to make sure people are informed and have an
understanding of how this business works. With the proper
knowledge many people will have a smoother, happier
experience and there will be less disappointments for
customers and transporters alike.

Hopefully this site can help you through the process and
ensure you have the information required to make informed
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