Best Auto Transport
Where to find transporters
There are many areas to find transporters. We recommend a
few, mainly because they worked wonders for us we know
there are good companies doing business in these markets. is a good place to find transporters and let them
bid on your shipment, however you must ensure that the
people bidding are legitimate transporters who are legal to
perform the services you request. If you ask them for there
verification of insurance and check them out on
System, all you need to do that is their DOT number. If they
provide that and it matches up with what Safer System says
then you have done your research and know they are

We used to advertise our services on
eBay and had huge
success with using them as marketing vehicle. Many people
who are buying cars and other large items on eBay look
within eBay to find someone to move their item back for
them.  The same rules apply to eBay as they do with U-Ship,
make sure you are using someone legitimate.

Basic Google searching will bring up many transport options.
All the national carriers will come up in the first couple of
pages, all are good and can move your vehicle legitimately,
but most are slower and will not deliver to your door.  

Also, when moving large vehicles it is important to remember
the national carriers with mutli vehicle transport trailers may
not be able to load your vehicle. So if your vehicle is oversize,
you may need to find someone who has a flat bed or single
vehicle trailer to move it. This will cost you extra, but it may
be the only way to get your vehicle home.

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